Nasze piwa



Light, smooth, low-fermented beer with a grainy and bready flavour from Pilsen malt. You can feel a distinct, flowery, slightly spicy aroma coming from Hallentauer Tradition and Spalt hop. It is an invigorating beer, with medium thickness. Great for meat dishes, fish and seafood.

Extract: 12,5°, alcohol content 4,6%


Pszeniczne (wheat beer)

Top-fermented beer, naturally opaque. You can find aroma of clove and bananas. The taste is dominated by grainy and bready notes, with a slight banana flavour. This beer is recommended with poultry, grilled meats, salads, fish and smoked cheese. Extract: 12,5°, alcohol content 4,7%


Special beers

You can also enjoy our seasonal brews. Expect styles such as American Pale Ale, Stout, Porter and many others. Ask our staff about the current offer.

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