About us


Wyszak Brewery was born out of love for beer and passion for great cuisine. The restaurant was named after a legendary pirate of Szczecin, who had set out on a plundering expedition of six vessels to Denmark in 1126. The escapade failed, and Wyszak was captured and imprisoned by the Danes. Two years later he managed to escape from captivity and returned to his home town on a small boat. He associated his rescue with Otto von Bamberg’s miraculous intervention. Later Wyszak became a symbol of Szczecin’s conversion to Christianity.

Our brewery is located in the gothic cellar of the 15th century Old Town Hall, erected at Rynek Sienny (Hay Market Square) in Szczecin. The cellar has housed a restaurant ever since 1867.

The Town Hall itself is part of the International Brick Gothic Trail and an important point on the tourist map of Szczecin.

11046448_354822081379545_4023793216329537061_oOur brewers use craft methods to brew the beers that you can later taste and enjoy in the historic interiors of Town Hall cellars. The brewery contains a copper kettle with a capacity of 5.5 hectolitres and 9 fermenters with a capacity of 10 hectolitres each.

Wyszak Brewery is also about modern cuisine based on regional products. Our chefs are passionate professionals who can combine traditional cuisine with recent trends in the world of gastronomy. Please feel welcome to visit us!

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